Sounds Of A Tired City #19: Ben Lukas Boysen

Sounds Of A Tired City #19: Ben Lukas Boysen

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Sounds Of A Tired City #19: Ben Lukas Boysen
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Sounds Of A Tired City

Ben Lukas Boysen (Hecq) has been busy for more than 10 years with redefining the possibilities within ethereal soundscapes and brisk breaks with genuine love towards music. Whether working on his own albums or developing ideas for commercial projects, Ben always tries to find an efficient way to leave a strong emotional impact using his distinctive style. Instead of settling with mediocre solutions, he always tries to make every single production special.

We talked to Ben about the special concept of this remix album, the difference between Hecq and Ben Lukas Boysen, and the enormous amount of patience one needs to have when working with commercials. You can also read about his dream collaborations and here you can listen to an extremely special mix featuring bits and pieces by Windy & Carl, Svarte Greiner, Demdike Stare, Morton Feldman, Lustmord, Deathprod & Biosphere and many more.

Read our interview here:


Playing tracks by Paul Giger, David Darling, Windy & Carl, Goldmund, Chris Watson & Jana Winderen and more.

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Brad Brace


Stefano Roserba


Jacky "Bakerman" De Reviere

This is awesome !

Patsker Omaer Beguin

Fantastic mix!!!!


Fantastic session that goes everywhere but stays together. The sounds go very deep. Perfect late night session!

Jungo Mones

The lights have turned green all over the city, but the streets are empty ... The powerlines hum, and buzz. All's right with the world. Great work!


Open mouthed, close eyed, drulling protoplasm ... This is a brilliant mix for a dead-tired city.


This mix is ab-so-lu-te-ly stunning. Perfectly balanced selection! Thanks!
Also: good to see one of Simeon Ten Holt's brilliant compositions in the playlist: his work definitely deserves to be heard outside Holland (where it is immensely popular, especially the Canto Ostinato)