Disco, Funk & More #18

Disco, Funk & More #18

2 years ago
Disco, Funk & More #18

Hi my friends. My series most appreciated by "Disco" lovers is back. I started with a classic funk from Ray Parker jr. which I have always loved, to continue with 9 new disco tracks remixed by the greatest of the disco-funk genre that will make you relive the beautiful 70s / 80s.
I hope you can enjoy until the end, the wonderful festive atmosphere of my latest work!
Peace, Love & Happines!


Playing tracks by Ray Parker Jr, Patrice Rushen, Funkatomic feat. Brian Lucas, Yam Who & LaRae Starr, Micky More & Andy Tee, Angela Johnson and more.

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Cool! \o/\o/\o/


Bonne musique !!good job

Ezio Gemmiti

complimenti bel set

⭐️SoulSeo Dee J⭐️

Grazie Ezio. Felice weekend! ;-)

Sandro Dessì

Ciao Sergione! È sempre un gran piacere ascoltare le tue selezioni, vizi per i tuoi meravigliosi ascoltatori! Stammi bene

⭐️SoulSeo Dee J⭐️

Ciao Sandro, grazie del bel complimento, faccio del mio meglio. A quando un tuo nuovo lavoro?

E u t e r p e

🔥 🍼 🔥

⭐️SoulSeo Dee J⭐️

Thank you!

Nancy Costa

Yes lord what a slammin session, awesome flow with the vibez, rhythm, nd selections clapping thumbs up great job

⭐️SoulSeo Dee J⭐️

Hi dear Nancy. Thank you so much sis, much appreciated! :-)

Steve James

Fantastic session as always bro!!!! 😎🎧🎵

⭐️SoulSeo Dee J⭐️

Thank you so much bro!

Musik King

Awesome and fabulous mix! Perfect way to start my weekend! Bravo bravo Sergio and thank you my brother for sharing this wonderful journey and your amazing gift of music! Be well and stay strong, safe and blessed 🙏❤️🎧🎶🎶🎶🎶😎🙏💙🇺🇦💛🙏!

⭐️SoulSeo Dee J⭐️

Thank you so much bro! Really glad you loved it!


Love the sound of this mix. That last track is real nice. Would love to know the artist and title ? Cheers

⭐️SoulSeo Dee J⭐️

Thank you so much my friend. The last song is:
My Girl (Original Mix) - DJ Dove, Mr. Romantic


EXCELLENT SESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

⭐️SoulSeo Dee J⭐️

Many thanks bro! :-)

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