Samuel T. Herring

Samuel T. Herring

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Samuel T. Herring
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This is Unsung – a Crack Magazine podcast on Sonos Radio where the world’s greatest artists reveal their heroes who never caught the spotlight.

This episode Samuel T Herring, frontman and songwriter for Future islands, joins journalist Stephanie Phillips to speak to his unsung choice - Morphine. The American, punk-blues, low rock led by Mark Sandman formed in 1989 was embraced by the indie community but never found mainstream success.

Stephanie and Samuel discuss making it as an older musician, songs that can be a cure for pain and how much to reveal of yourself in your writing.

Songs referenced:

"Swing It Low" by Morphine
"Wishing Well" by Morphine
"Cure For Pain" by Morphine
"All My Way" by Morphine
"Beach Foam" by Future Islands
"The Night" by Morphine
"Souvenir" by Morphine

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