Solesides mix of DJ Shadow tracks (2005)

Solesides mix of DJ Shadow tracks (2005)

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Solesides mix of DJ Shadow tracks (2005)
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1 Guns Blazin vs Diplo
2 John Spencer Blues Explosion / Fed Up Low Down
3 Grand Ol' Party Crash (Funky Skunk vs Cage)
4 Would You Buy A War From This Man
5 Instrumental 3
6 March Of Death
7 Cliff Hanger
8 Bring Madlib Up
9 Storm Warning / instrumental
10. Divine Intervention / instrumental
11. Blood on the motorway / Bulli Mix
12. Building Steam....Dark Days version


Playing tracks by Mike oldfield, Blackalicious, Latyrx, Divine Styler/DJ Shadow and DJ Shadow.



There's so many tracks out there produced by Shadow that were totally lost and obscure.
Great to see you did not forget these.
Thanks for this mix!