Witching Hour (29/11/2019)

Witching Hour (29/11/2019)

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Witching Hour (29/11/2019)
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Attention witches, wyrdos and devotees of the wonderful and strange! The clock has struck midnight: time to light a candle, pour a cup and cosy up by the fireside for THE WITCHING HOUR, the new monthly midnight show from writer, artist and resident rock ’n’ roll witch Zoë Howe (also a host of The Other Woman Show and former Free Seed regular). Expect merriment galore, magical guests and ghostly tales, folklore, music, astrological insights and crystal of the month!

More information can be found at www.zoehowe.com and www.zoehoweartist.com


Playing tracks by Pure Imagination, Morning Dew, That Old Black Magic, Trust The Witch, Witch Elder and more.


Stefan Harford

Great show, I like the stick in the wheel song. Tourmaline seems like a cool crystal , though I can’t see any benefit of protecting against “E.M.F.” As far as I remember they were a good bunch of lads, and the bass player wore boxing gloves, not many can pull that off.

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Haahahaha - you are so right, Stef, what was I thinking? I LOVE EMF, and that song 'Unbelievable' was 'banging'

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(thanks for listening, old sport, you are a dear)