The Silver Stream (01/06/2020)

The Silver Stream (01/06/2020)

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The Silver Stream (01/06/2020)
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The Silver Stream is a journey through ideas in collaboration with invited guests – using artworks, writing and music as navigation points within a stream of consciousness.

Episode 9, 'Hinterlands', features host Byzantia Harlow and guest collaborator, artist, Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury. The episode explores the spaces behind, the images just beyond, the psychological backwaters - these areas where things break apart and ooze out. Asking - where do we put things and why do we do things? Are our biggest fears and greatest desires inextricably entwined?
How can art function as a container for these Shadow issues to be processed... both for the artist and for the wider collective?

The episode includes regular segment from writer and curator Charlie Mills responding to its themes,

Images to accompany the episode can be found on instagram : @byzantiaharlow


Playing tracks by Cyndi Lauper and Erykah Badu.