Mwalimu Express Radio Show #EP8 (11/04/2021)

Mwalimu Express Radio Show #EP8 (11/04/2021)

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Mwalimu Express Radio Show #EP8 (11/04/2021)
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Special Guest : Mulele Matondo (leader of Kong Dia Ntotila and many other projects)


Playing tracks by Devils Of Moko.



PLAY LIST #8: Mwalimu Express @sohoradio
April 11 2021 Congolese

Feat. presenters Rita Ray & Max Reinhardt
Feat. Zoom guest Mulele Matondo (from Kongo Dia Ntotila)


Ray Lema
One Drop 2016

OOhla A War Dance For Peace
Kasai Allstars
Black Ants Always Fly Together, One Bangle Makes No Sound
Crammed Discs (7 May 2021)
The inspiration for this song comes from a village in the Sankuru province (Democratic Republic of the Congo). When there's a problem among the villagers, they look for a peaceful solution by performing a specific war dance, bearing weapons in their hands. It's a dance which used to signal the end of hostilities, and serve nowadays to solve conflicts

Narciso Ku Matadi
San Salvador
Excavated Shellac: An Alternate History of the World’s Music
Dust to Digital (Dec 2020)

Matata Masila Na Congo
African Jazz (Kalle/Joseph Kabasele/Le Grand Maitre))
Surboum African Jazz 7” single (1961)

Song recorded by African Jazz in 1961 in Brussels, Belgium. Matata Masila Na Congo pleaded for an end to trouble in the Congo: ‘All of us who live in the Congo Place our confidence in you Oh you, all of Congo's parliamentarians Save our country! Get along and live in harmony Put an end to your fratricidal wars’

Le Jour D'Après / Siku Ya Baabaye (Indépendance Cha-Cha)
Kinshasa Succursale
Crammed Discs (2017)

Kinshasa Singles
Mulele Matondo Afrika (2015)

Kongo Dia Ntotila
Half a live set (Dec 2020)

Mulele Matondo - bass, vocals
Mbouta Kissangwa - drums, vocals
John Kelly - lead guitar, backing vocals
Will Scott - saxophone, backing vocals
Mike Soper - trumpet, backing vocals
Diala Sakuba - second guitar
All tracks performed at The Jago, Dalston, London, August 10th 2019

Devils of Moko
One (2020)

Live some shows coming up , Yay live music !! including Ronnie Scotts 1st June
Dominic J Marshall on piano and synth (Dominic J Marshall Trio, The Cinematic Orchestra), Mulele Matondo on bass (Kongo Dia Ntotila) and Sam Gardner on drums (Septabeat, Samadhi Quintet). Their music is a collective melting pot that captures all of their individual styles. “If music is water, we are like fish,” says bassist Mulele, who regards no unchartered territory as 'off limits'.

Mulele Matondo
(unreleased recording of Mulele’s new project on which he plays all the instruments)

ElectroniKongo (2019)
New collab Mulele and Ben Eyes duo. 'stratospheric Kongolese techno'. First single 'Fire' to be re-released as soon as their music video is ready.

Celine Banza ft Yousoupha

Tabuley Rochereau and Afrisa
Zaire 74 The African Artists
Wrasse Records (2017)

One of the many artists featured at the concerts for the Rumble in The Jungle - arguably the greatest sporting event ever took place in Kinshasa Oct 30 1974 between the undefeated world heavy weight champion George Foreman and challenger and former heavyweight champion Mohamed Ali. An estimated 1 billion people tuned in.

Dr. Nico & L'Orchestre African Fiesta Sukisa
L’Afrique Danse #10
African Records (1970)

Bwiti Music

M’Pongo Love
L’An 1

(or Sans Pardon Vol 2 PAV (2011) )

‘I sing about women's problems, I try to give them courage...and I will stop singing when the relations between men and women in Africa become problem free. But what African man doesn't have a mistress? In addition to a hard life, women have a lot to endure. I have a feminist duty to see they fight, that they defend themselves, that they hold their heads high, that they take independent women as examples...We must know how to say what we are, we African women, without fearing all the modernism we need to assimilate.’