Mwalimu Express Radio Show #12 (01/08/2021)

Mwalimu Express Radio Show #12 (01/08/2021)

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Mwalimu Express Radio Show #12 (01/08/2021)
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Mwalimu Express Radio Show #12

Feat special guest Derek Debru from Nyege Nyege Tapes and Festival



PLAYLIST #12 : Mwalimu Express @sohoradio NYC+CULTURE
Sun Aug 1 2021: Nu Form and Electronica music from across the continent Part 1
Feat special guest Derek Debru
from Nyege Nyege Tapes/Nyege Nyege Festival -Kampala, Uganda


Mouche Symphony
Alien Cartoon
Akwaaba Music (2018)

Meditation On Immigration
Franck Biyong
Celestial Navigation Suite (2021)

Double Bass: Zacharie Abraham
Moog, Prophet-5 Synth &
ARP String Ensemble: Florian Pellissier
Fender Rhodes: Mathieu Desbordes
Mellotron: Grant Phabao
Guitars, Bass, Timpani, Cymbals, Snare Drum,
Synthesizers, Keyboards, Vibraphone, Tape Effects
& Samples: FB

Yemmpa Aba
Ata Kak
Obaa Sima
Awesome Tapes From Africa

Ageren Ayehuwat
Yishak Banjaw
Love Songs Vol 2
Teranga Beat

Wolo So
Jazzre:reshed (July 30)


DEREK DEBRU’S CHOICES...with notes from Derek

Dancehall Buzz
Esprit de Nyege Nyege
(2020 festival compilation featuring 47 artists who took part in the festival)
Nyege Nyege Tapes


Focus on me
Helo Heidi ft Titi and Aunty Rayzor
Exclusive preview of Swiss traditional yodeler Helo Heidi, Congolese producer and Nyege Studios resident Titi and Nigerian MC Aunty Rayzor (debut album on Nyege Nyege March 2022)


(from the upcoming Nyege Nyege Soundcloud compilation/ one of the headliners of the next Nyege Festiva)


Tala Tannam
Mdou Moctar ft MC Yallah (Debmaster remix)
Totally Fresh Remix of Mdou Moctar's Tala Tannam on Matador,

Bugia Remix feat. Cleo Ice Queen, Pryse & Ssaru
Gengetone is the sound of Nairobi, and this track features some of the hardest female MCs, the sound and the scene are really taking over East Africa

HHY & Kampala Unit
(Collaborative project between Florence Lugwema aka FLO a trumpeteer and music teacher from Kampala, Omutaba a Ugandan master drummer and long time friend and collaborator Jonathan Saldhana an important figure from the Portuguese music and contemporary art scene. Album came out on NNT at the end of last year)

Brian Bamanya (aka Afrorack) makes his own modular synths from scratch, his passion for building instruments brought him to explore electronic music from a totally fresh perspective. His debut album will come out on Nyege Nyege Tapes beginning 2022.

This track form the incredible 6 player busoga xylophone ensemble known as Embaire, is not yet mixed and mastered (currently done in Indonesia, by Harsya Wahono in Indonesia) ... they will be showcasing at Womex this year.

Eyina Mbeign
A track I love from Gabon, the sound is elone, which resembles acholi music from northern Uganda, but also footwork from Chicago, its the quintessential party track from Le groupe Eyina Mbeign based in Libreville.

New Sunshine
Ennanga Vision
Fiddle [Endingidi], Xylophone [Amadinda], Flute [Swamp reed] – Albert Bisaso Ssempeke.
Synth, Whistle – Jesse Hackett

Gnonmi avec Lait
Fior 2 bior & Niska
Another really contemporary African track, a mix between coupe decale, zouglou, dennery, trap, an ivorian and a french MC