Free Seed On Soho (28/09/2016)

Free Seed On Soho (28/09/2016)

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Free Seed On Soho (28/09/2016)
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In today's show, we were expecting the great band 'Taman Shud' in the studio, but they were inexplicably trapped in an aquatic prison, so instead Liam May, label boss of Trashmouth Records, stepped in!

In the second half of the show, we welcomed back Milana Vujkov from Picturehouse Central, who came in to discuss all the new films showing at the Picturehouse.

Plus of course we had Geri Allen giving us the Week on the Web!



Playing tracks by Unit 4+2, Das EFX, Duke Special, Kelis & Andre 3000, Taman Shud and more.