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We Are The Dreamers - Radioshow Ep 41 - Game Snares

We Are The Dreamers - Radioshow Ep 41 - Game Snares

Playing tracks by

Squarepusher and Cylob.

The WATD crew goes on a video game music bender with special guests DLD493v2, p5yg0r3, and DavidFirth. From modern platforms all the way back to the days of arcades, C64, Atari, and early PC games, this episode celebrates the whole spectrum of snarey video game soundtracks.



Episode 41 - Game Snares
Episode 41
FF1 NES Music - Prelude
Kid Icarus Title Theme (Orchestral Version)
Winning Results - Mario Kart 64
Crash Bandicoot 1 - Generator Room Music
Planetarium - Squarepusher
Boss Battle - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Portal 2 Soundtrack Volume 1- The Friendly Faith Plate - Track 12
EarthBound - Megaton Walk
Megaman II Music: Quick Man
Chill: Dr. Mario Music
Work Your Body - 1080° Snowboarding
Spy Hunter (Arcade) Music
Star Fox (SNES) Corneria Music
(Music) Shinobi - BGM 1 (Arcade)
(Music) Shinobi - BGM 2 (Arcade)
(Music) Shinobi - BGM 3 (Arcade)
(Music) Shinobi - BGM 4 (Arcade)
(Music) Shinobi - Boss BGM 1 (Arcade)
(Music) Shinobi - Stage Clear (Arcade)
Sabrepulse - Dot Matrix Hero
(Music) Shinobi - Mission Clear (Arcade)
(Music) Shinobi - Bonus Stage (Arcade)
(Music) Shinobi - Boss BGM 2 (Arcade)
(Music) Shinobi - Continue (Arcade)
Einhander Soundtrack 08-Badlands
LSD Dream Emulator - Track 7 - Fax Factory
Bubble Bobble Arcade In-Game Music
Squarepusher - Unreal Square
Armored Core 2 Soundtrack - JIMBRE
Hypno K.K. (Aircheck) - Animal Crossing: New Leaf Music
Super Metroid Music - Item Room Ambience
Street Fighter - You've Got A Lot To Learn
What Strength!! But Don't Forget There Are Many Guys Like You All Over The World
Mortal Kombat Theme Song Original
Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver - Battle! Suicune Music
Half-Life 2 [Music] - Hard Fought
Guile Theme (SNES)
Metroid Prime Music: Title Screen Intro Theme
Wonder Boy Arcade In-Game Music
“Bury me with my money”
Rob Hubbard - Commando
Nintendo - Tecmo World Wrestling - Fight Music
Leisure Suit Larry 1 - Intro
[Braindance News]
Orbital - P.E.T.R.O.L.
The Winding Ridge
Cylob - Lave Trader [Cylob Industries]
Commodore 64 Music - 020 - Wizball
Aphex Twin - Melodies From Mars #7
Lavender Town (Original Japanese Version from Pokemon Red and Green)
Ghosts'n Goblins (Arcade) Main Theme
Title - Ultima - Quest of the Avatar (NES) - Soundtrack - Nintendo
Dragon Warrior (NES) - 'Overworld' EWI Multitrack
Pac Baby (5 Minutes) - Pac-Man CE 2
Final Fantasy XI OST - Ronfaure
Bomberman Hero OST - Mimesis
Miracle Matter - Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Petey Piranha - Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Solstice Music (NES) - Title Screen Theme
Pitfall 2 (Atari 2600) - Original Game Music
M.U.S.H.A. - Theme of Musha Aleste [Genesis] Music
Atari 2600 - Oscar's Trash Race
Donkey Kong Country Music SNES - Bonus Room Blitz
Amiga Music - Rainbow Islands
Beep Block Skyway (Game Version with Beeps) - Super Mario 3D World Music Extended
Mega Man 2 (NES) Music - Crash Man Stage
Super Paper Mario OST - I'm Not Nice
Kraken Up - Splatoon [OST]
Pokemon Platinum Music - Giratina Battle Theme
Clash at Demonhead (NES) Music - Stage Theme 01
Metroid Music-Kraid's Lair
Tetris (Game Boy) - 03. B-Type
Boards of Canada - Melissa Juice (8-bit NES Cover)