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We Are The Dreamers - Podcast Ep \ \ - Avril 14th

We Are The Dreamers - Podcast Ep \ \ - Avril 14th

Whit, Phudo and Kat kick off a double-snareup weekend with an AFX tribute recorded on Avril 14th .Joined by GreystarMusic, legions of uber-fan homage tracks and reworks, some live excerpt and ....the mythical Jessica Walrus... topping the usual waffles.

Lets fooking h7\ve it!



Episode 11 - Avril 14th - wsg Jessica Walrus
AFX : Bummy
Jessica Walrus - Sunny day on xmas
Wisp: Lichen Reworked
vitalicvision - avril13lipservice
Aphex Twin - Tamphex (hedphuq mix)
AlcoholWar BugDream - Endorphins Sick - request from GreystarMusic(#syrofake)
Aphex Twin - Donkey Rhubarb
Afx - Lisbon Acid
Beats Unraveled #9 by BINKBEATS: Windowlicker by Aphex Twin - request from PH
User18081971 (Aphex Twin) - Heliosphan Live - request from ladalaika
Aphex Twin - No Stillson 6 Cirk - (Texas Day for Night 12” track)
Aphex Twin - Rhubarb (reversed) under WATD origin stories/Waffles
DJ Aphex Twin - Live at Sonar 2001 - soundboard [EXCERPT]
Lada Laika - avril 14th (cover for WATD)
Steinvord - Untitled
Jessica Walrus - The Rule [34 mix] ft Jessphex Twin and Jess Punk and Jesstechre ofc
WATD: Solidopener 1 - 2
DJ Aphex Twin - Live at Oxygen 2008 [EXCERPT]
DJ Aphex_Twin_-_2009-08-07_Summersonic_10th_Anniversary [EXCERPT]
AFXVibertrjdlv - request from PBoD
Jessica Walrus - At the End of It All
Aphex Twin - Interview @ Japan TV 1999
Kattin 14th [saw2 Mix] by eazykill
Aphex Twin - Cliffs (Reworked by Wisp)
Sams Car [Opus v84 Remake]
Aphex Twin - "Come to Daddy" (Richard Devine Rmx)
User18081971 SoundCloud SuperCut by keyfumbler
User18081971 (Aphex Twin) - Dance And Play
MrMshr00m - Mush (A Devil Thing)
User18081971 (Aphex Twin) - 4 Acid Organ
Last rushup 10( guidewire remix) by The Tuss by Guidewire
Jessica Walrus - Me and my dolls [JCJ Mix]
flim (cover for WATD) by Lada Laika
Jessica Walrus - Lost Doll 3 [Yellow]
WATD: Cheersbitchez 1 - 2
User18081971 - RDJ barclays
LIVE Avril 14th closer by GreystarMusic
(Recorded Friday, Avril 14th, 2017)


promo image cropped from original painting of AFX by Brian Hannigan

ezekiel b. weiner

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