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93 - Michonne vs. White Walkers (feat. Jaime Smith and Money)

93 - Michonne vs. White Walkers (feat. Jaime Smith and Money)

In the third installment of Smashtoberfest 2017, a certain ragged group of zombie apocalypse survivors hanging out in Georgia have officially seen just about all they care to see of the walking dead, especially now that winter is coming, and with it, rumors of some new kind of "ice zombies." Fortunately, they've received intelligence that somewhere in the frozen north, in a place that may or may not be Canada, lies a hidden cache of weapons, primarily swords and knives, made from a metal that could turn the tide in the group's quest for survival. If there are more deposits of this "Valyrian steel" in the area, it might even be worth moving up there, despite the cold of the season. But Rick and the gang aren't completely stupid. Before anyone starts packing, they need someone to drive up there, scout the area, find the metal, and figure out if it's as effective as the rumors say. Off course, there will be walkers everywhere. As it turns out, more than one kind. For a mission this danger