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Dan Kovalik, US dissident, about not popular topics

Dan Kovalik, US dissident, about not popular topics

Grandson of Frantisek Kovalik, Slovak migrant to USA, Daniel Kovalik talks about:
5.4 million people died in the Congo
5% of world population controls 25% of resources
Twisting of news - news is based on the agenda of media owners
Oliver Stone - Putin interviews
People like us dont get hired. Up to 1000 US military bases in 138 countries
USA wants worlds resources
USA is challenging Russia and its borders
Vietnam War
Genocide of Native Americans
I am a dissident voice in America.
Kennedy assassination - many people doubt the narrative how Kennedy was killed
We want to stop the next war
This country [USA] is a hard nut to crack.
 (Profesor Daniel Kovalík z USA o amerických zločinoch a genocíde, plus:
slovenskom pôvode,
11. septembri
vyvraždení Indiánov,
vzťahoch s Ruskom
disidentoch v USA
hrozbe vojny
ovládaní médií
a všeličom inom