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  • 5 months ago
Zodiac Signs Scorpio Volume 4

Zodiac Signs Scorpio Volume 4

Chart positions

This show was 10th in the global eclectic chart and 53rd in the global electronica chart.

Happy Halloween, Full Moon & Happy Birthday to all Scorpios! We're intuitive, deep, sensual, emotional, passionate, moody, secretive, magnetic, stubborn, loyal, strong willed, determined, reserved & resourceful. These characteristics may also be found with Scorpio Rising/Ascendant, or a pronounced emphasis on Scorpio in the birth chart.
Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): feeling natured, intuitive, responsive, sensitive, deep, dreamy, easily influenced by the environment.
Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius): determined, persevering with a penetrating mind & excellent memory.
Key descriptive phrase: "I DESIRE"
Key descriptive word: "INTENSITY"
Ruling planets: Mars (ancient), god of war & Pluto (modern), god of hell/the underworld
Area of body: Genitals
Chakra: 3rd/solar plexus/Manipura
The set is, as usual, very eclectic, I thank you all for your time and support.
Tracklist in 1st comment.
This one is for Scorpio8,, thanks sis!


| L | | H | | M |

Yeah, this one's still awesome, Deb. Perfect for a chilly Saturday morning whilst making up some missing hours from the work week. [chef's kiss] <3
Great weekend to you, my friend!

Neon Jesus

Amazing stuff, Deb! The Scorpio ones are a little special, it feels like. Loved the opener and Medusa, and really got into Dental Blues. I might have to pilfer that one. Thanks for helping me chill out and enjoy some great music on a Tuesday night. Cheers! 🎶☮️


Hi Deb, another fine listen. Always a pleasure to hear the selections you come it, top quality! Hope you had a nice birthday 👍👍👍

| L | | H | | M |

You had me at "November"... a truly splendid opener, Deb!
...and then "Medusa", "The Exceeded State", "Desert Blue" and on and on...
So many pleasing guitar sounds utilized in many of these tracks (you know I love to hear that!).
Super fave amazeballs track from this amazeballs birthday show: "Wandering in the House of Hades"
I hear why you had an "Oh Yes!!!" moment when you finished putting all this together.
Great work, Sis! Bravo! Respect!

Tio Tom
Tio Tom

Hi dear friend!!!!

Allways a pleasure to heard your work. This time hyper-dark, hyper-sweet. hyper-soul How do you do it? :-D



I was thinking about you the other day Tom, hadn’t seen you on MC in a while, the world is so different since Covid. To answer your question, it’s not me really, it’s the Universe, the Divine, God, Brahma... call it by whatever conceptual term you resonate with that flows through me... I’m just the vessel, and the more open I am to the flow of guidance, the better the mix is I think... my mind doesn’t get in the way lol. Thank you for listening my friend, I hope you are well amidst this historic time we are all going through.

Tio Tom
Tio Tom

ooooooh!!! you're so sensitive I'd like to give you a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig huge!!!!


Un abrazo muy grande por favor amigo mio 🤗

Dj Did
Dj Did

Tha dawn is sacred to me, thats'why i listen to your sessions in rhis moment of the day. Closed eyes and good headphones and i'm enjoying the vibes. The flow is fitting perfectly with my morning heart rate, so is giving me the right start of the day. Thanks Deb for sharing, much love from Italy


Yes Denis, I feel dawn as a sacred time too. I’m honored you feel this time was appropriate to listen to this set. Much love back from the US, thank you again 🤗


Another quality session with some lovely chilled vibes for the first half to ease me through an early morning commute. The second half was equally sweet but with a bit more energy and my fave track of the set with the Catacombs track from Pale. Nicely done as always my friend. And happy birthday to you too. I hope you have/had a good one 😊😊👍👍👍


Heya Stuart, today is actually my birthday. So tyvm my friend 😃 the Catacomb tube is great, isn’t it, as I send in a reply below, had that for a while, glad you enjoyed the set... listened to your latest Exploding Head Syndrome driving to work at 4:30 in the morning..... windows down (it’s still nice and warm here) with the music blasting... I couldn’t be Hushed 😉


Happy Birthday my wonderful Scorpio tiger sis 🌟 much Love 💛


fantastic soundscapes, Deborah. My morning starts in the best possible way. Thanks a lot! Zorionak!

Sean Berrigan a.k.a. The BP

Such a beautiful set; I love the sweeping cinematic feel combined with such nice chilled vibes. Absolutely stunning stuff and the perfect start to the day 😀😀😀😀👍👍👍👍


As always, your ears and support always greatly appreciated Sean 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼