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  • 2 months ago
Zodiac Signs Aquarius Volume 4

Zodiac Signs Aquarius Volume 4

Chart positions

This show was 10th in the global breaks chart and 56th in the global electronica chart.

Happy New Moon & Happy Birthday to those born under the fixed air sign of Aquarius! Independent, freedom loving, inventive, unique, broad-minded & humanitarian. These characteristics may also be found with Aquarius Rising or an emphasis on the sign (as I have). I uploaded today as the Sun, Moon, Mercury (retrograde), Venus, Jupiter & Saturn all in Aquarius. Cover art is very much Venus in Aquarius lol :))
Key descriptive phrase: "I KNOW"
Key descriptive word: "UNCONVENTIONAL"
Ruling planets: Saturn (ancient) Uranus (modern)
Area of body: ankles
Corresponding chakra: 1st/base/Muladhara

Air signs (Libra, Aquarius, & Gemini): communicative, intellectual, logical, objective, idealistic.
Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius): determined, persevering with a penetrating mind & excellent memory.
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Thank you for listening, tracklist in first comment!



Wow.. you have real talent, rarely heard a set so varied yet so well programmed, so good to listen to 👏

Manu Of G
Manu Of G

Hi Deb,
First, I have to apologize because I don't usually comment a lot around here anymore (really, my time is not enough, and it is impossible for me to handle 2 platforms like Mc and Sc .. Sorry)
I think you are one of the Djs of Mc that I have seen evolve more and better, it is really a pleasure to listen to your fine transitions and I love your originality (nobody does what you do, and you are unique in that) all my respect Super Deb, I am not a guru not a super DJ, nothing like that, but I think that after more than 20 years mixing music I can say that you have a lot of talent Deb, your selections of tracks are always unique and very originals, and make mixes as personal and unique as you do, deserves all my respect and admiration, you are very great Deb, you have to continue sharing your art, and when all this madness that we live passes, and we return to have a '' normal '' life they will look for many new DJs and you should be in a good club sharing your art, I have a lot of faith in you dear sister 💚
All the best! Big Hug!


No need to apologize Manu, as you know I've considered becoming active on SC, but like you I don't know if I can manage 2 platforms, I've stayed here on MC because I like the sense of community we have here, I haven't found that on SC in the same way.
I was touched when I read your comment. You are correct my dear friend, my sound has evolved as has my skill level. I agree that I have a unique sound here on MC, I don't know of another DJ who can program and mix sets like I do of such diversity of genres and not have it sound like a freight train wreck. It's not that I intended to make them eclectic, it's simply that I love many genres of music and my music brain hears possible connections between tracks that might not occur to someone else to try. I'm honored a DJ of your experience and skill feels this way about my own work. I too am looking forward to the return of a more "normal" life and finding a venue where my own particular sound is appreciated. Thank you for your time, your lovely comment, your faith, and equally important your friendship Manu. Big hugs back to you :)))))




Very good rhythms Skyecatcher, many good energy, thnks 4 da trip lady


Thank you for listening unnumerocualquiera, glad you enjoyed the trip!


Truly amazing Deborah, your skills shine through immensely on this one as does your eclecticism (had to check a dictionary there to make sure I wasn't making up words there,(a blonde moment lol)) like Ben below....I doff my cap.


Thanks so very much Barry, eclecticism is an awkward word isn't it lol? But that's my fav kind set to mix lol! Hope you're well in Deepsville :)))))


Deborah, this mix is ​​awesome, my hat is off. It has well deserved several listens, and with each one, I have enjoyed it more. I read below in a comment that you have repeated it several times, your degree of perfectionism is very high and the result is amazing, but the previous approach is also outstanding. The first section, the one that serves as an introduction, which leads to that highlight that is "Black Mirror" (what an entry on this track), gives way to a section with breaks, delighted with the electro acid brassica or when you advance to another kind of rhythm with that remix of hodge & peverelist.
By the way, teleported is a belter, it's just listening to it and wanting to dance, but what a selection in general. Big up always but this time even more


I'm glad you think it's an awesome mix...I do too lol...perfectionist that I am yes, lol...and yes, Spoq's Black Mirror is an epic track, I really love al his work...and I love all the tracks in here tbh with Teleported being one of those wow tunes, right?! Hope you are doing well, thank you for listening and writing such a great comment, I'm always curious to hear how a mix affected people.

Sean Berrigan a.k.a. The BP

Wow! What a set! I’ve loved every track going on in here; a real journey through genres and moods. Superbly put together and inspiring as always! 😀😀😀😀👍👍👍👍


Thanks very much Sean, happy to know you enjoyed this one. Cheers, Deb :))


Fantastic mix, Skye!


Thank you very much Chris! Happy weekend :)))


Another flawless global trip!


Thank you very much iCazo, hope you are well and happy 😊


The level of thought, emotion & diversity thats integrated in all your sets/collaborations at times leaves me speechless Deb's. Being able to appreciate, feel and use the power of music as a language or narrative to express ones personal story, feelings or emotions is such a blessing. The link between vocals, instrumentation, energy, tempo, key in this set is outstanding. Beautifully creative work. Loved the DT Lamont opener, Intraleks + feel it! Thx & respectz :))


I’m sorry for the late reply Warren, idk about you but notifications on MC been wonky lately, I got a bunch of notifications 2 days ago I think from stuff weeks old, and I hadn’t had time/thought to check the set comments... so again, my apologies. Having listened to many of your 💎 sets, I know for a fact you have the power of music as a language too, especially the emotional aspect of it. I’m so grateful for your time listening and honored with your comment here, I do feel I have a unique voice here in our MC community and it’s heart warming to read the impressions of a dj of your skill level and sensitivity, respectz my friend 😊