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Voyage Fin Side 2 by Weston Flippo

Voyage Fin Side 2 by Weston Flippo

Voyage Fin side 2

the robot then descends to burzum. we find the robot on this planet marveling at its beauty and splender. the movie from here is a bit confusing still and being processed but the robots finds life on the planet and witnesses the religious/social/sexual exploits of aliens starting with the phynx by sun araw. the rest of the film is nearly a travelogue of sorts dealing with the robot learning as much as it can from the aliens. the last three songs deal with the aliens finding the robot, understanding what the robot is and letting it exist within the tribe/whatever as an outside entity. they do not get led by the robot, worship it or give it any respect besides the most common and basic. once the robot has gathered its information, its shutdown protocol beings leading the robot to slowly fade away until its simply a empty robot husk. the aliens bury the robot near the ship. with the three suns.