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Capital: Kerry Juby Show: 31/7/76 & London Today with Brian Wolfe & Jane Walmsley: 2/7/76:   65mins

Capital: Kerry Juby Show: 31/7/76 & London Today with Brian Wolfe & Jane Walmsley: 2/7/76: 65mins

Found this recording whilst searching through old tapes. First up it's the end of Peter Young's 'Nightflight' and hand-over to Kerry Juby with part of his breakfast show: (31/7/76); then there's the tail-end of Roger Scott's 'Cruisin' followed by the news and the first part of 'London Today' with Brian Wolfe & Jane Walmsley discussing the water crisis of 1976 and hearing from Nicky Horne on his return from the West Coast of America: (2/7/76). Please forgive the Police interference at the end. At least it shows I recorded this is my home town of Dunmow!

The quality is far from good so don't expect too much but as it's such a rare recording from Capital's early days I thought it worth uploading, so I hope some of you will enjoy it...


Robin Carmody

Of course if Wimbledon hadn't been moved a week later they could be avoiding the absurd overlap with the World Cup final (seemingly they can't kick off the final at 9pm Moscow time / 7pm BST because that would be too late at night for the lucrative Asian TV market, even though the Euro 2016 final started at 9pm Paris time, and went to extra time as well, and even though Russia no longer has daylight savings ...)

Robin Carmody

re. the police interference: when they used parts of the FM band accessible on domestic radios which were ultimately released for broadcasting (right up until 1990) prisoners were only allowed AM radios lest they overheard anything.

Robin Carmody

This is definitely 2nd July (Wimbledon - of course *that* has changed now ...) as you say in the description, not 9th July as you say in the filename.

Simon Luckin

Thanks for telling me about the date error: much appreciated. A simple typographical mistake but nevertheless an important one. Cheers.

Robin Carmody

This must have been a cooler interlude during the famous summer (indeed, with clear skies there was an air frost in Hertfordshire - and not even at Rickmansworth - the following night).