Simone Fougère

Ibiza, Spain

hi ! i'm simone. i love playing vinyl, or sometimes cds, and sharing the fun music that i find <3

i live between ibiza & new zealand and play music or make mixes wherever i find myself ~ ideally in nature and in the sunshine :)

a little bit of my past >>>

1998 i bought my first pair of turntables in london and began to dj

2000 my love for dance music led me to run the london office of new zealand's largest indie label, kog transmissions, promoting nz artists

2004 brian monaco & I played as the part live dj duo sweet*vicious (aka sweet mayhem) & did a world tour in 2005/6

2006 launched 'kitchen party', a streamed house party in our home in london. with an eco-conscious theme

2009 universal love project

2012 nature, sunshine, the sea & music brought me to live on ibiza

2014 'cosmic games' with my wonderful playmate giulio cavallo

2016 'discerning reality' with giulio

2020 now living on great barrier island in nz

x simone

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