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Lou Collins Radio Show 25/2/13 Greg Fernandez Jnr & Bill Maloney

Lou Collins Radio Show 25/2/13 Greg Fernandez Jnr & Bill Maloney

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44 Fires, Muse, Primal Scream and The Eels.

Lou talks to Greg Fernandez about the events surrounding author Phillip Marshall and his family who died earlier this month. Bill Maloney then pops in to talk Nick Clegg.


Greg Fernandez Jr.

Anyone who thinks Philip Marshall is guilty should re-examine the evidence the police have, or lack thereof. The fact is the police cannot put a weapon in his hand, nor do they have a motive or a suicide note. I challenge anyone who thinks he is guilty to debate me.

Sharon J. Bainbridge

Bill Maloney made a good point that child abuse stays with victims, but there is hope! Hypnotherapy can take the pain out of the memory and allow people to get on with their life without the awful nightmare. I feel for Bill and his family because I have seen first hand how it destroys lives. My Mother and Sister are victims and suffer from mental illness because of it. When I read my sisters sad poem of how she has mirrored our mothers life because of the child abuse by a stranger. I asked my daughters father to make it into a song and hoped to sell it to help victims by paying for hypnotherapy for them. I would like help and support to sell this song to raise money to set up a hypnotherapy unit to help victims of abuse. This song is not on I tunes any more because the Internet gets away with destroying anything good! Have you got any ideas on how to sell it to raise money. It was played on the radio in Wales. I want to see my sister smile again. Currently I am living off my credit card to support my child as our Country allows the banks to rip off working class people on low salaries, hence my 14% loan, which is more than my mortgage! And they do not help mothers earn from home so we can be with our children. Instead they allow the Internet and media to destroy all family life with it's trash!

Dina Pastones Clark

Marshall said Bush was in on the world trade center attack. Marshall himself admitted in his book that the flight training started while Clinton was in office. It gets me that every one says Bush was Stupid . Bush was in office 8 months prior to the attack. But every time some one says that Bush was so stupid he didn't know But Clinton DID, they are dismissed as being haters. The attack was planned long before W. Bush was even in politics.

Dina Pastones Clark

rshall did commit suicide because his democrat party was involved along with the republican party. Both parties are murderous and evil . People talk all the time about both parties being the same but no one dare blame Bill Clinton. WHY????

Greg Fernandez Jr.

Lou Collins, my wife loves your accent by the way. :) Thank you for your hard work. Keep Truth alive!

Greg Fernandez Jr.

I should have added it's not just a takeover of the United States, but a Global Takeover. I do sound a little tired lol

Lou Collins

Yes apologies for that..

Oliver Bentham

Very interesting...... please sort out your sound issues Louise ! Painfull