Desert Island Mixtape

Desert Island Mixtape

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Desert Island Mixtape
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So, I wanted to put together a selection of tracks which mean something to me right now - aged 25 - and see how they might compare in say 5 to 10 years time. All the tracks that I've selected either meant something to me at one stage or another, or have stood out to me as being timeless.

The reason, then, that this is titled "Desert Island Mixtape" is because it contains a lot of the music I would want to take with me if I were to be stuck on a desert island.

There are certainly other tracks which have meant things to me in the past, and there will be more tracks that mean something to me in future, but right now - this is my selection.

The blend takes a journey through various slow jams, disco, love songs and acoustic genres.

Free Download (to come):


Playing tracks by The Stylistics, Midnight Star, Luther Vandross, Lenny Williams, Shirley Brown and more.