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Remember Whose You Are

Remember Whose You Are

It was just so tempting; my mother was sitting at the sewing machine and
there it was… the newly installed closet door that would slide open and
closed. The walls of what my mother proudly called “The Gold Room” had been
recently painted. In the eyes of a five year old, the sliding closet door
looked very much like those elevator doors I had seen in office buildings
and department stores. I could just visualize that closet door with an up
and down arrow beside it. So, in a moment of sheer abandon to my desire to
see this vision realized, I grabbed my crayons and began to draw what was
in my mind. At first I felt like an inspired artist as I applied the
crayons to the painted wall, but after my vision was complete, remorse
began to set in and I cried out, “I didn't mean to!” My mother turned
around from her sewing machine and said, “Didn’t mean to do what?”  But no
response was needed, for the evidence of my sin was on full display.