Get closer to your fans

Start earning from your shows with Mixcloud Select. Your biggest fans subscribe directly to your channel, so you can give them more.

We’ll send you updates about Mixcloud Select for Creators.

Your channel,
your tempo

With Mixcloud Select, subscribers directly support you plus the music and artists you play. Make more, together.

We’ll send you updates about Mixcloud Select for Creators.
Earn more

Revenue flows to you, plus the artists you play. Everyone benefits.

Take control

You choose how much your subscribers pay, what shows they receive and when.

Get closer

Get to know your most loyal fans and choose how to reward them.

Reward your subscribers

With Select, your subscribers become part of your inner circle of fans. In exchange for their support, they receive additional benefits:

  • Offline listening

    Subscribers can download shows on the Mixcloud app to listen anytime, anywhere.

  • Introducing Mixcloud Select | MixcloudUpfront tracklists

    View the full tracklist before hitting play on a show.

  • Unlimited playback

    Subscribers can enjoy your shows without licensing restrictions.

Introducing the
first wave

Meet some of the first creators trialing Mixcloud Select. Soon, we’ll open this up to everyone.

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It’s just the beginning.

This is our pioneering move toward building a fair and sustainable ecosystem for audio culture that works for everyone. Register your interest and you'll be the first to know when Select is available for all creators.

We’ll send you updates about Mixcloud Select for Creators.
Barry Andy


How does the Select model work?

Select uses a fair revenue share model. Artists, labels and publishers involved in creating the music played in shows receive royalty revenue. After such rightsholders are paid, the Select creator receives the majority share cut of the gross profit. This is possible because the Mixcloud platform is licensed with all major rightsholders, which allows revenue to flow in all the right directions.

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How do I become a Select creator?

At the moment, Select is being trialed by a limited number of creators –however, soon it will be opened up to all creators on Mixcloud. As additional features are trailed and rolled out, more creators will be invited to join.

If you’re interested in becoming an early stage Mixcloud Select creator, hit the “I’m interested” button on this page.

Select is available for creators and listeners worldwide, except for Japan, China and North Korea due to licensing restrictions.

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How much can I earn with Select?

The amount you earn is directly related to how much your subscribers pay. You set a fee (subject to a minimum of £/€/$ 2.99), but subscribers are given the option to pay more. The more they pay, the more you earn.

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Will Select affect the free Mixcloud experience?

The free Mixcloud experience will always exist for both creators and listeners. Select is an added layer that allows fans and creators to get closer. Subscribers receive extra features such as offline listening, upfront tracklists and more to come.

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