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Music for Hot Air Balloons + saluting great recording engineer ERIC TOMLINSON
First broadcast 15 December 2015


Playing tracks by Billy Goldenberg, Tony Carty, Trevor Jones, Victor Young, Max Steiner and more.



With a lot of soundtracks programmes Tony sends me on a quest, this programme is no exemption, Tony played a track from “ who is killing the great chefs of Europe “ . It’s a film I did not know about so I tracked it down and watched it. It’s a very amusing romp with Henry Mancini on top form. Top billing goes to George segal, Jacqueline bisset and Robert Morley, there are lots of familiar faces in supporting parts and some ( now familiar ) up and coming talent, one of our finest actors ( near to the end of his career ) Ronald Leigh -hunt puts in an appearance at the end of the film ( as a priest) , he shamefully did not get a credit. Other very interesting names feature in the credits ( IMDb ) of this programme celebrating the work of Eric Tomlinson are ........... Jack Hayes ( see progs 194 / 337 /198 ............ James g.stewart ........... thanks again Tony for your inclusion of Henry Mancini’s very catchy score ( the end title music is a delight ) . I recommend this ( very witty screenplay ) film to all Soundtracks listeners ( aka too many chefs 1987 ) Lastly aye I suggest to all Henry mancini fans, check out Tony’s programmes 113 and 114.


Our host is highlighting just one of very many unsung hero’s of sound recording. Eric Tomlinson , quantity and quality of so many film music recordings as Tony is introducing and it’s just the tip of the iceberg. John Paul Jones...Zulu...Dr No...from Russia with love...goldfinger....thunderball....The ipcress file ...born free...those magnificent men in their flying machines...the trap...Chitty Chitty bang bang...tv’s the avengers...the private life of Sherlock Holmes...sisters...the man who would be king...fiddler on the roof...Masada...Rambo... night crossing...Star Wars...superman...raiders of the lost ark...Young Sherlock Holmes...Flash Gordon...batman...charade...who is killing the great chefs of Europe...lifeforce... brainstorm...( and as Tony said a fitting title in this short tribute ) ...farewell to the king.....Lots of BIG names, to mention just a few....Max steiner, John Barry, Ron Goodwin, Laurie Johnson, Miklos Rozsa, Bernard Herrmann, Maurice Jarre, John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Henry Mancini, Bruce broughton, Danny elfman, James Horner, Basil Poledouris. .......Their music recordings all the richer thanks to Eric Tomlinson. Tony began this super programme with three versions of around the world in 80 days.........billy goldenberg, Trevor Jones and of course Victor Young. Here’s another name ( and a legend in sound recording, this time on the soundstage or location ) Red Law.