Rusty Egan 2022 - Everybody loves the Glitter Mix

Rusty Egan 2022 - Everybody loves the Glitter Mix

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Rusty Egan 2022 - Everybody loves the Glitter Mix

NonStopGlitterBandBeatMix 70s 80s 00s
Tears For Fears -Dino Lenny vs Tears for Fears - Depeche Mode -T-Rex - Glitter Band
Neil Diamond - Gwen Stefani Ft. Akon - Katy Perry - Billy Ocean - Diana Ross - Michael Jackson - Simple Minds - Change


Playing tracks by Everybody wants to rule the world, Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Personal Jesus, Hot Love (Eddie Adams ], Rock n Roll part 2 Remix (Eddie Adams re-edit) and more.

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It should have been longer than hour please, Rusty! Were you tempted to add The Human League's version of 'Rock and Roll'???


It's Tasty, Tasty very very tasty, it's very tasty . Tasty Mix Rusty. The double drumming brundi Beat is ambrosial.

A new Royal Family, a wild nobility, we are the family. The Electronic Family Tree. Magic.


Ha ha ! Very brave to include he who shall not be named

DJ Rusty Egan

it's The Glitter Band , and He was only the singer the producer Mike Leander made Rock N Roll PT 1 and 2 giving a share for the Hey's to he who shall not be named . I also made An Electronic cover of Angel Face using Roland and SDS 3 Simmonds drums Composer, Writer: Gerry Shephard
Composer, Writer: John Robert Rossall . I'm a fan of the 2 drummers and Adam and The Ants I made the Burundi Drummers Mix and remix on my compilations on Mix cloud

Mark Roberts

Is that G*** or M******? Loved Neil Diamond since I thought ODW "Lawnchairs" way back in the day sounded to me like it was by him (I was just a young newbie to music)



Cristina Lozano Santapolonia


Bambi Folwell

Thank you Rusty! It's excellent as always :)

Jo Hamilton

Fabulous as always Big Guy xx