To Pimp A Butterfly: Samples Mix

To Pimp A Butterfly: Samples Mix

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To Pimp A Butterfly: Samples Mix
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One of the most highly anticipated Hip-Hop albums of 2015, To Pimp A Butterfly, combines the nostalgic sentiment of what solidified Hip-Hop’s place in our hearts with the equally invigorating and innovative flair of Compton native Kendrick Lamar. Run P.’s samples project is a tour through the album to not only appreciate its foundation but its purpose as well. Those who are fans of the samples series will not be disappointed by the sonic experience of Black culture, music, and power that bore this project into existence.


Playing tracks by Sly & The Family Stone, Sufjan Stevens, Boris Gardiner, Rapsody on the State of Hip, Houston Person and more.

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Is there a Spotify version of this one ? I´d really want to add this to my playlists ! Thanks for this one ! :)