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  • 1 year ago
Random Radio 030: ローターパドルの聴取と計画

Random Radio 030: ローターパドルの聴取と計画

Playing tracks by

Takashi Matsudaira [松平敬], Kuniharu Akiyama [秋山邦晴], Joji Yuasa [湯浅譲二], Kenichi Kanazawa, Aki Takase & Daniel Erdmann and more.

Creating a mix of contemporary Japanese music is a daunting task -
especially with my interest spanning approximately 50 years.
Possibly, my first introduction to this geo-region of sound was with
Töru Takemitsu's work "Vocalism Ai" which - coming from a 72-hour
tape montage reduced to just over 4 minutes - was an ear-opening
experience in 1969 that had me rushing out to the record store, buying the LP,
and discovering another wonderful Takemitsu work on it called "Water Music."

Often some of the best, most poetic works - either from Japanese composers themselves or
from composers inspired by Japanese ideas - are lengthy ones that can span anywhere from
a half-hour to many hours which makes it a bit prohibitive when it comes to mixes like this.
Maybe in future mixes of this type there'll be some excerpts of these longer pieces to share.

We start with a composer friend of mine for the past, almost 20 years: Takashi Matsudaira.


Rod Stasick

Takashi Matsudaira [松平敬] - Shiroi Shojo (A Girl in White) (2014)
Kuniharu Akiyama [秋山邦晴] - Noh-Miso [脳味噌 (6)]
Joji Yuasa [湯浅譲二] - Nadja, Twincling in Stars [ラジオドラマ「星にきらめくナジャ」の音楽] (10)
Kenichi Kanazawa - Starting by Vibratile Shape – Circle and Square
Aki Takase & Daniel Erdmann - A Goldfish in Space
Tomomi Adachi - Violin & Electronic Improvisations 3
Toshi Ichiyanagi [一柳慧] - Extended Voices [エクステンデッド・ヴォイセズ] (1967)
Kazuya Ishigami - Otokamui No Sasayaki
Otomo Yoshihide - The Blue Kite
Toshi Ichiyanagi [一柳慧] - Title And Year Unknown (B)
Toshimaru Nakamura - Nimb #19-1
盆ノ窪 - 盆ノ窪
Tomomi Adachi - Voice & Electronics Improvisations 1
Joji Yuasa [湯浅譲二] - Nadja, Twincling in Stars [ラジオドラマ「星にきらめくナジャ」の音楽] (3)
Kenichi Kanazawa, Shinjiro Yamaguchi & Hiroyuki Ura - Solo Performance Used Self-Made Steel Triangle Instrument by Kanazawa
Toshiro Mayuzumi [黛敏郎] - 「涅槃」交響曲 (Nirvana Symphony) 1-カンパノロジー 1
Kuniharu Akiyama [秋山邦晴] - Arcana 19 [秘法 19 (1)]
Tomomi Adachi - Voice & Electronics Improvisations 2
Toshi Ichiyanagi [一柳慧] - Music for Piano No. 6
Ken Ikeda, Rie Nakajima & Makoto Oshiro - Mid Spring
Akio Suzuki - Lyness Oil Tank, Hyness
Yasumune Morishige & Reizen - Y.M
Tomomi Adachi - Violin & Electronic Improvisations 1
Atsuhiro Ito - Acousmatic 9
Veltz - Poem for 6 Metal Plates-Dedicated to La Monte Young
Kazuo Imai - Ephemera 22-3
Big Picture - Bp010806.Bgp
Joji Yuasa [湯浅譲二] - Nadja, Twincling in Stars [ラジオドラマ「星にきらめくナジャ」の音楽] (9)
Kenichi Kanazawa - Steel Wire Vibration on Vibratile Shape – Square
平間貴大 - Ratiug
Utah Kawasaki - Socket
Kazuo Uehara [上原和夫] - Science Technology Expo '85 - Music for "Cell Universe" (1985)
神田聡 - Milk Bottle on Bass Guitar
Toshiro Mayuzumi [黛敏郎] - 奈良法相宗薬師寺 聲明「薬師悔過」 7-唱名号
Toshio Hosokawa - Renka III for Soprano, Violin, Viola Da Gamba and Harp: Iv. Intermezzo
大城真 - Piped Unellion, Wind and a Doze
Seiichi Yamamoto - Approach 3
Shigeru Matsui [松平敬] - ★ (2007)
Joji Yuasa [湯浅譲二] - Music for a Cenotaph for Industrial Victims [産業慰霊塔除幕式の音楽] (3)
Toshiro Mayuzumi [黛敏郎] - 奈良法相宗薬師寺 聲明「薬師悔過」 6-称名悔過(後段-時導師:松久保伽秀)
Yumiko Tanaka - Music for a Four-And-Half-Tatami-Mat Room, Fragment