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Rosie MacLeod

London., United Kingdom

I host 'What they don't tell you about the EU' on East London Radio-

Twitter: @RosieMacLeod4

I also present East London Radio's documentaries designed to raise awareness of certain social issues. This page serves chiefly as a listen again service for those programmes and any sundries I produce for those stations. (But you can still listen live...)

Now that's the formalities done:

Hello! I've been on Radio Road since autumn 2010 and started out with a vintage music programme on Storm FM in Bangor (North Wales). I was very sad to leave Wales so to cushion the blow, I got involved with Radio Verulam in St. Albans, where I worked alongside the novelist Angela Clarke on the station's weekly news show, 'Outspoken'. But it wasn't all serious stuff: my interview with Wheatus crashed the station's Twitter feed. More recently (Jan 2019) I hosted a politics show for the Women's Radio Station. This page has a wealth of my 'archived' material as well.