Rosco Live 12hr Trade Set (Vinyl Only) **For HQ Audio see link in description**

Rosco Live 12hr Trade Set (Vinyl Only) **For HQ Audio see link in description**

Chart positions

This show was 3rd in the global uplifting trance chart, 8th in the global rave chart, 17th in the global trance chart and 46th in the global techno chart.

HQ Stereo Audio now available here:

Happy 30th Birthday TRADE!!!

Recorded Live on video in one take, purely vinyl.

Even though it's impossible to come together in person for the monumental party of the year - THE TRADE 30th BIRTHDAY - we can all be connected through TRADE music! Like an 'Instant Trade' ....just add people!

I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I enjoyed making it. This will be the first of many 12hr mixes to come, aimed at making Lockdown a little easier for all in our community.

I put this 12 hour set together so you can have a mini-Trade 'at home' turn this up, forget the world & have a dance!!

See you all at the next Trade Birthday Party in 2021...

Until then, keep rockin' in true Trade style! Keep the vibe alive you wonderful people!!

Love & Respect,

Rosco xxx

p.s due to the file size and length I had to upload at 96 kbps mono = the audio quality isn't perfect.


Liz Dukes
Liz Dukes

This mix is simply amazing !!!! Taken me back to my favourite times in life at turnmills ❤️❤️

Daniel Payne
Daniel Payne

Classic N Timeless

Dean Bright

Loving it xxx


Fantastic mix. Transports you right back to Turnmills. Happy 30th Trade!

queerphonie on SoundArt radio

Marvelous! The last time I experienced 12 hours of Trade was with TDV xxxx

Jamie Beckham

Nice work :-)


Hi Rosco, How many more 12 hour sets are you planning to squeeze in before your neighbours get an injunction sorted?! They must love you;-)

Seriously though, great effort and much appreciated in this period of uncertainty, where we're all reminiscing of happier times when we were craving to be cramped together in a sweat box for hours and hours on end straining our immunity systems!

Per Hansen

The bitrate is just too low - this sounds terrible! Why not split this up into multiple chunks, and encode at a much higher bitrate and in stereo please?

Philippe Pradère

Absolutely the best ever lockdown mix ever,what a gift!Thanks to you,Rosco, I 'am now reliving my Trade nights all over again!Happy 30th Birthday Trade!

DJ Shivs
DJ Shivs

Amazing , , tingling all over xx