Ronin – Diggin' Your Own Grave mix

Ronin – Diggin' Your Own Grave mix

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Ronin – Diggin' Your Own Grave mix
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Following on from my last DJ mix this one picks up where that left off but turns everything up to 11.
I just didn't see the point in fucking around so you basically get the best part of an hour of aural punishment. Someone's obviously been naughty.
It starts off with some hard d&B and crossbreed stuff, has a little mid-tempo 'lull' before thrashing out with some 200bpm hardcore and a too-hot-to-trot breakcore tear-out for the finale.


Playing tracks by Sinister Souls, The Hard Way, Hallucinator, Micromakine & N3AR, Counterstrike & Cooh and more.



I really dig this track selection bro #junglist 🫡🥁