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Relaxing Music By : Spavevo

Relaxing Music By : Spavevo

When asked what they most desire, the majority of people respond, "Respite from worry and relief from stress.” We live in a fast-paced world. Listen to this music simply to feel good and for very effective for relieving stress and maintaining emotional balance -- at home, at work, traveling, wherever you choose to be throughout your day. The music creates a relaxed alertness that also helps you be safe and enjoy the time you spend every day.

This is music for letting go of worry and escaping into the pleasures of the imagination, dreaming your life as you wish it to be. The happier you feel, the more readily you renew your vitality and the more present you are, the more slowly you age!!!

A one hour of relaxing and soft music! Please Share it with your Friends :-) <3 <3 <3

Thanks! Enjoy!


Andrew Hunter

cool chill 👍


Great post, very helpful information. Can you tell us which sleep modes on these boards can still wake from an external interrupt

Kathleen Soriano

thank you for a very relaxing music..good for meditation

Ma Jocelyn Samson

Thank you to my very good friend Ric for sharing and to Ron for the beautiful compilation ... more!!!