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Episode 13 - Two Bodies, One Soul

Episode 13 - Two Bodies, One Soul

Alexander, left, and Hephaestion

Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men. Alexander The Great was one of those powerful but terrible men. By his command, thousands of people were slaughtered in his quest to conquer the world. After his death, his advisers were still so afraid of him that they sat Alexander’s crown, robe, and scepter at the head of the table. But, before he was terrible, he was just a teenager, and teenagers fall in love.  Support us at us at https://romancinghistorypodcast.comLike us at Sources:Alexander the Great. (n.d.). Retrieved May 02, 2016, from (2014). Alexander the Great: THE GREATEST WARRIOR IN HISTORY (ANCIENT HISTORY DOCUMENTARY). Retrieved May 02, 2016, from (n.d