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Prime #152 - Everybody Loves a Bruffin

Prime #152 - Everybody Loves a Bruffin

Duff's on a #StumpTheChump role!
Show Topics:
Lint talks about his idea of mixing brownies and muffins; Genius??
Nintendo Announces The Mini-NES, Will Play 30 Classic Games (Kotaku)
Guy Spends Four Years, $50K Building Giant Computer to Play Tetris (Gizmodo)
91-year-old woman fills in crossword at museum - only to discover it was a £60,000 artwork (Telegraph)
Stump The Chump:

Carrie’s Score

Duff’s Score

Lint’s Score




Carrie’s Picks

Duff’s Picks

Lint’s Picks

#1: The Heights - How Do You Talk to an Angel
#2: Wayne’s World
#3: Rugrats

#1: Edgewater - Eyes Wired Shut
#2: Evan Almighty
#3: Ecco The Dolphin

#1: Madison Avenue - Who the Hell are You?
#2: Matilda
#3: Game of Thrones (Arya & Ned)

Show Note:
We'll be going on a week-long break between the 25th and the 29th of July, so why not enjoy a throw-back episode!?
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