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He Is Who He Says He Is

He Is Who He Says He Is

Jesus Christ is:
1. The God who receives our worship.
* He claimed to be God.
* He did miracles.
* He got those closest to him to believe he was God.
* After his death many saw him risen from the dead.
* Those people were so transformed by the experience of meeting this Risen Savior that they spread the word everywhere to great sacrifice of their own.

2. The Lamb of God who takes away our sins.
* Genesis 3:21, 4:4, 22:12-14, Exodus 12:5-7, Leviticus 22:21, Isaiah 53:5-8, John 1:29, Acts 8:34-35, Revelation 5:6-10, 22:3-5
* The Lamb was necessary, provided, slain, the person Jesus, and enthroned in heaven.

3. The God Who Is Perfect.
* No one has ever discovered the thoughts that Jesus ought to have said or the deed he ought to have done. No one can improve upon what he ought to have done in any passage.
* He combines virtues never seen together. He combines tenderness without weakness. Strength without harshness. Humility without the slightest lack of confidence. Holiness