THE SYNTH WAVE SHOW 14 - 'Vinyl' ft. Lucky+Love

THE SYNTH WAVE SHOW 14 - 'Vinyl' ft. Lucky+Love

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THE SYNTH WAVE SHOW 14 - 'Vinyl' ft. Lucky+Love
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DJ Rob Green

Ride the Synth Wave - global Synth Wave music is curated by Mr. Rob Green of Electro London Records on THE SYNTH WAVE SHOW - this show was 1st broadcast from 8-10 pm UK time on Artefaktor Radio in Mexico City on 14th December 2016. Discover amazing electronic pop songs from the most exciting global scene in recent history and some of the classics that helped inspire the new genre. Hear a fantastic interview with Lucky+Love from Los Angeles and take a listen to their entire debut album which is out now on vinyl. The Synth Wave Show is broadcast every 2 weeks on Wednesday on Artefaktor Radio.


Playing tracks by Rusty Egan Presents, Emika, The Sweetest Condition, Vague Notion, Depeche Mode and more.

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Thank you again! Thanks to you, our vinyl is at these stores!

Vague Notion

Thank you very much Rob!

Thank you Rob!

Stef Ace-b

i listened for the second time tonight this clever selection of retro-future-wave sounds , thanxxx Rob


Ohh! "The King" ;-) Thanks for playing an album track! Best Wishes from Circuit3

DJ Rob Green

Rusty Egan Presents 'Love Is Coming My Way' ft. Erik Stein
Emika 'My Heart Bleeds Melody'
The Sweetest Condition 'Knock Us Down'
Vague Notion 'Human Love Song' (David Burdick Remix)
Depeche Mode 'A Question Of Time'
Michael Oakley 'Rabbit In The Headlights'
Scritti Politti 'Absolute'
Circuit 3 'Reverberate'
Ys Atlov 'You Can't Fool Me'
The The 'Infected'
Cosaquitos En Globo 'Fantasy'
Telex 'Rendez-Vous Dans L'espace'
Softwave 'Awake But Still Asleep'
The Department 'Glass Houses'
Will Powers 'Adventures In Success'
Massive Ego with Empire State Human 'Low Life' (Zarkoff Remix)
Lucky+Love 'Album Listening Session'
New Order 'Bizarre Love Triangle'
Knights 'Miami Knights'
BOO 'Diamond Feelings'