Nikita - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2016

Nikita - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2016

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Nikita - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2016
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Making my return to the Playa for the sixth time held special meaning for me as it does every year. However I see Burning Man like lovers. You can't compare them, they're uniquely different experiences. And just like the complexity of lovers, my Burn was magical, beautiful, intense, emotional, intoxicating, lustful, serendipitous, mesmerizing, and yes, sometimes just a pain in the ass.

Still, after all these years, it's my favorite thing on the planet! Playing on the bus is beyond an honor. Sharing my music and reciprocating energy from that perspective with the open canvas and unparalleled conditions is an indescribable feeling. What I'm trying to say is, it all comes from the Heart.

Hope you enjoy!

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Playing tracks by Olafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm, Brian Cid, Stimming, Ripperton, Gold Panda and more.



Track Id one hour & 15mins in? Cracking lacking

Marco Phëz

Cracking set- thanks for sharing


Really good vibes!!!!! Excellent!!!!!


Wunderschönes Set... zum Träumen... danke! :o*

Supermario Hipleh

love it