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I Would Have Despaired Unless I Had Believed

I Would Have Despaired Unless I Had Believed

If you are hurting as a result of experiencing loss, you will ultimately only find peace through the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. God wants to show you, as you walk through that loss, that His promises are absolutely trustworthy.

Types of loss:

1. Spiritual Oppression:
The father of the demon-possessed boy had been through much torment on account of his son (Matthew 17:14-21). But, God was testing him to see if he would persevere through all his setbacks until he actually reached Jesus. God works the same way with us, often allowing us to face frustrations along our journey to Him, so that our hope will be only in Him.
Why did Jesus die? It was for far more than just the forgiveness of our sins. It was to render Satan powerless and free us from the fear of death (Hebrews 2:14-15). So, when the legions of hell come against you, remember, “The Lamb will overcome” (Revelation 17:14)!

2. Emotional Grief (Matthew 17:22-23)
Imagine what the disciples must have felt when Jesus told them tha