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"Richter FM" is a 5-hour radio music show that was on air daily (Sun-Thu 9 PM -2 AM GMT) since 2004 until 2015 on "Silver Rain" radio (100.1 FM).
In a few years of its existence "Richter FM" has become to be mentioned in media as a new kind of radio format.
Actually this is a deep-felt hybrid combination of trip-hop, electronic, post rock, IDM, experimental, ambient - the genre range is even wider but the thing that unites the music in the project is the subtle mood and sense of life.
One can get the perfect sense of "Richter FM" listening to the series of my mixes "The four seasons".
Most of mixes presented here are far from demonstration of technical means and skills of DJing - please take them just as impressionistic DJ works - I really guess you'll like my music vision..)
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