Alex Miller is Making a Scene`1

Alex Miller is Making a Scene`1

5 months ago
Alex Miller is Making a Scene`1

Making a Scene Presents an Interview with Alex Miller

Rising Country star Alex Miller isn’t pondering life after college graduation or a future foray into the work force. Instead, the 6’ 6” singer/songwriter from rural Lancaster, Kentucky is referring to this year as “Alex 2.0” and awaiting the upcoming release of his EP, COUNTRY. The phrase reflects the impact that his ever-expanding life experiences have had on him. Miller has lived at warp speed. Touring steadily on ever-larger stages and at prestigious venues and opening for high-profile acts has been a major part of that growth. Responsibilities to his band and fans, working with a well-known producer, crafting songs with hit writers, and exposure to alternate genres and new artists have all played a part in the process. “I’m working to better myself and my music,” Alex says. “I’m not walking away from the core of me or the type of music I want to make. That will always be Country … ain’t nothin’ gonna change about that.”


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