Fist First (1997)

Fist First (1997)

2 years ago
Fist First (1997)
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Playing tracks by Kinky Roland, DJ Randy, Johan Svenson & The Dentist, The Hypnotist, Diky Diky and more.


Agent Cooper Dj

Suzie Kruger was ahead of her time with the idea of “Fist”


I only discovered FIST @ substation south in August 1997. The promoter Suzie Kruger told me at the entrance to either take off my shirt or I won't get in. What a fucking crazy night, mindblowing and memorable nights in my whole life, since that same night, Lady Di died. I was so f*** high that I needed the whole day until Sunday evening to realize what had happened.
After that, I was hooked and returned to FIST in various locations and then later to HardOn. Amazing to discover this jewel of a recording from the old times, Nostalgia pure!!

Agent Cooper Dj

Love love Fist .. music was spot on the crowd was amazing .. fun without pressure or prejudice

Agent Cooper Dj

Excellent cd … FIST was amazing 😜