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The Object's Basic Flight Path And The Shape Of The Moon

The Object's Basic Flight Path And The Shape Of The Moon

"The early Apollo missions revealed that the moon isn't perfectly spherical. Its surface is warped in two spots; an earth-facing bulge on the near side is complemented by a large depression on the Moon's far side. Scientists have long wondered whether these surface features were caused by Earth's gravity tugging on the moon early in its existence, when its surface was still molten and malleable." Source: Ohio State University

The Object obviously caused the effect that is observed. At least I can guess that it does.

What is easy for me to say is that I know that there is a very high chance that the Object's flight path as I describe it will be a match with and caused the effects that the scientists are now observing below the Moon's surface.

If there is a match I would ask the scientists mentioned in the linked to article, or anyone else, to guess or estimate the odds against any sort of a correct guess in what is their area of things concerning their observations, re