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Father Knows Best 500921 Who Has The Time (retro273)

Father Knows Best 500921 Who Has The Time (retro273)

Life in these modern times has become so confusing, and the situation is no different in the Anderson home. Jim gets ready to catch the news broadcast, but his habit of laying out maps of the world as a reference resource isan annoyance to mom. Betty is faced with a dihlemma of choosing a shade of nail polish. Bud is getting for a hay ride, and is oblivious to the tormentAs that he brings on dear old dad. As the kid congregate in the kitchen for a snack, Jim and Margret debate over how to set the clocks for the daylight savings time that happens on this particular evening. Back? or ahead? It seems that just about every family member has adjusted the clock. What do you think? Will anybody make it to their various social events?

The next day the kids go with dad to meet aunt Martha at the train station. It's turning out to be a mixed up day. How about those crazy kids? Hungry, sleepy, getting lost. Not to mention confusion from the information booth. What should Jim do no