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  • 2 years ago
RCR Episode 123

RCR Episode 123

Panelists: Michael Mulhern (hosting), Earl Evans, and Paul Hagstrom

Host's Topic: Easter Eggs

Hidden developer lists. Slipping it past management. Have you ever added an Easter Egg to a program?

First EE?
WAIT 6502 on a PET
Other MS fingerprints/Easter Eggs
Search Google for "do a barrel roll" using Chrome or Firefox
Excel 97: Flight Simulator
Commodore 128: SYS 32800,123,45,6 dev team, peace message
Micro pictures in the silicon
Mac SE “stolen from Apple Computer” (G 4188a4) and dev team slideshow (G41d89a)
65816 WDM opcode
Karateka (Apple II) back side of floppy plays upside-down

Retro Computing News:

Margaret Hamilton and coding the Apollo Guidance Computer
A Canadianized ZX Spectrum
Web8201 website is back

Club 100
LaddieAlpha TPDD emulator
DLPlus TPDD emulator

ConnectTo, integrating older Macs to modern networks
MacIPgw - MacIP server VirtualBox machine
SIDFX, 2 SIDs in every C64
RetroStyle - Spacewar Fleet Action

See also: Eliza

FPGA co-processor for the BBC Micro