Olly E - Oblivion Radio Interview 23-1-22

Olly E - Oblivion Radio Interview 23-1-22

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Olly E - Oblivion Radio Interview 23-1-22
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Leicester-based alternative rock act Olly E recently approached us for airplay of his recently released single “Through Oblivion”. We then invited Olly for an interview for which he accepted and here it is!

--Press Pack Bio--
Olly E blends rock, pop-punk, rap and pop in his own way and has been compared to Twenty One Pilots and Yungblud. “Through Oblivion” is about celebrating life; how we have come so far through history; finding a way to survive. Gratitude for the small things in life and positivity, taking action whilst letting go of what doesn’t serve you come together to inspire the listener to lead a happier life.
Olly was interviewed on BBC Radio Leicester in December 2021. The track follows several singles/music videos released by Olly E over the last two years, with the aim of building on his existing audience.