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Renee Welcomes Global Astrologer Theodore White June 25th 2017

Renee Welcomes Global Astrologer Theodore White June 25th 2017

Renee and Theodore White discuss the Global Cooling that is going on not the Global Warming everyone is being made to believe. Learn the signs, the length of time for this whole event and what you can do to survive. It's a Mini Ice Age and are you ready for it? Music for this episode is by the talented Gnarly Karma!


Allison Fine

He was dead on about the election in June, 2016--so even though I am a very pragmatic skeptic by nature, I will keep an open mind about this.

Lorin Čerina

Sure, that is astrology mumble jumble … that is why there are some 15 underground seed vaults all over the world and Underground Urban Farms, just to spend money on some mumble jumble question: How do we grow food in case we need to go underground?

Probably people in Japan don’t have anything else to do but grow food underground. Maybe the only reason is spending money on some mumble jumble. Sorry if I sound cynical, but be wise and listen one more time what Theodore is saying.

Greenland is cowered with ice. But once upon a time, like in some nice story, Greenland was used to grow food. Antarctica was without ice. There are some very, very old maps of Antarctica … without ice, and not so long ago, it was confirmed by scientists that maps are accurate.

And yes, there are some decent scientist who do their job without being pressured, and they have same opinion as Theodore. Vladimir Paar, from my country, is scientist, who predicts same scenario as Theodore. And he is not into new age or astrology .. so again, be wise and stay well :)

Aaron Barlow

Smells like poison well propaganda. He has great information regarding the coming mini-ice age and mentions the electromagnetic activity of the sun and the modulation of the cosmic rays driving weather which is correct but gets into new age astrology mumbo jumbo. This kind of propaganda is designed to associate genuine science such as that practiced by Piers Corbyn with crazy new age stuff and thus demonise the 'skeptical' science aspect.