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Knowing God is an Engaging Process

Knowing God is an Engaging Process

Growing in God?

As we follow on to know Him, we will increase in our awareness of His presence, involvement, and His character in our lives. In our spirits, who we truly are, we are already as mature as we are ever going to get. What DOES change in us is only the appearance of God Himself to and through us. We are not really growing, or reaching the “next level.” But our experience of knowing God personally brings us more and more into dependence on Him, where He is more and more clearly and easily revealed to and through us. So though it may appear we are “growing” in Him, it is simply that He is increasingly apparent, and in comparison, that which we are, even that which was created by Him and is pleasing to Him, pales in His brightness.

Can We Understand God?

The more we experience His Eternal Life, Knowing Him, we begin to get on the same wavelength with Him. As we grow in our dependence on Him, we become activated by Him. As our soul and body align with our spirit, His River of