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DJ Red-Handed Jill

Butte, United States

Every week on The Jolly Roger radio show, DJ Red-Handed Jill invited a new youth DJ into the radio station to talk about their life and play the music they love live on air for Butte, America, and beyond.

Red-Handed Jill has been producing radio shows and livestreams for the past 4 years, on a variety of challenging and meaningful topics. On top of DJing music shows on KBMF 102.5 FM, she has produced Copacetic Conversations (productive conversations about difficult subjects), The Jolly Roger Radio Show (kid-co-hosted talk radio), and Post-Orthodoxy (interactive livestreams focused on alleviating suffering and building community through cognitive sovereignty and challenging dogmatic thinking).

All of her content has been banned from KBMF 102.5 FM, so she is co-hosting and producing Post-Orthodoxy online: YouTube, Facebook, and Post-Orthodoxy audio episode can be found after the fact on major podcast sites. This Mixcloud is the home for The Jolly Roger archives.