Peak Time – Martin Bisi

Peak Time – Martin Bisi

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Peak Time – Martin Bisi

Today Vivian welcomes producer, musician and central figure in the musical history of New York, Martin Bisi. In his BC Studio, which he founded in 1979 with Brian Eno and Bill Laswell, Bisi has recorded Herbie Hancock's "Rockit" and landmark music by Sonic Youth, Swans, John Zorn, Afrika Bambaataa, Unsane, Cop Shoot Cop, Violent Femmes, JG Thirlwell, the Dresden Dolls and countless others. He'll discuss the studio's rich 35-year history, recently chronicled by the documentary _Sound & Chaos: The Story of BC Studio_, his new compilation album _BC35_ and more.


Playing tracks by N/A, Daz Dillinger, Wild Style Soundtrack, White Denim, Slackk and more.