Cheap Funk #17 Cheap Internet

Cheap Funk #17 Cheap Internet

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Cheap Funk #17 Cheap Internet

CHEAP Internet
“You wanna know my story, babe. It’s easy. This is the generation who grew up and forgot to lead their lives.” How do you get it on with the internet? How do you use your nips? Is your clit wired into the network? Is your dildo part of the internet of things? Where are the weak points in this diagrammatic of nodes and lines? Is it in the negative space? CHEAP FUNK turns to rural West Virginia-born, London-based artist and theorist Zach Blas to discuss the contra-internet. CHEAP Internet. Contra-Internet. This is the title of a new film by Zach Blas starring CHEAPS own Susanne Sachsse alongside Cassils, Raquel Gutiérrez and others, and premiering at the 68th Berlinale in the Forum Expanded section. But it is also the name of an installation that Blas presented at the Transmediale and other art galleries internationally.


Playing tracks by Jackie Shane.