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레이몬드 lamphard
Hello come play my game
██ 49% REAL
███ 76% COOL
█████ 95%POPULAR
██████ 100% UNIQUE

i am chinese mix indonesia ... i born at kota kinabalu sabah , now stay at puchong , my hometown is jerantut pahang .

i am the oldest one in this family

sometime i will mad without nothing matters

sometime i will sad without feeling

sometime i will smile a the day

sometime i will cheers up my day

sometime i will hanging till late night

sometime i will spends a day for readings

sometimes i will think about my future

sometime i will challenge my self to do something different

sometime i will watch 3 movie a day

sometime i will online facebook till late night

sometime .............................................

║██║ ♫ ♥ ♫
On A Day Just Like This>>>

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