Free Life [the 5th mixtape of Christmas]

Free Life [the 5th mixtape of Christmas]

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Free Life [the 5th mixtape of Christmas]

Being the fifth of twelve 49-minute mixtapes of non-Christmas music to be posted each of the Twelve Days of Christmas, December-25 through January-5 (not to be confused with the other 12 mixtapes of Christmas that we did a couple of years back). No particular genre, no particular theme or agenda beyond all selections coming from Randophonic's ever expanding collection of used vinyl, which continues to simultaneously draw us back and propel us forward (sonically speaking). Music and noise and whatever else the world famous Randophonic Jukebox deems (or perhaps dreams) necessary toward our long term goal of solving all the world's problems.


Playing tracks by Original Texas Playboys, Paul Simon, Neil Diamond, Booker T + MGs, David Bowie and more.